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November 4, 2015
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Stress Management


Stress Management: The Key to Success or the Road to Disaster

When you’ve completed this 5 module elearning set you will have learned how to re-energize your life, employ instant solutions to some of the stressful issues you face on a daily basis, and gain a better insight into the signs and symptoms of being over stressed. In addition, you’ll explore the tools and strategies necessary to help you enjoy a better life/work balance.

Here is what we’ll cover in this course:

• A brief history of the study of stress: Did you know it was studied as far back as Plato’s time?

• The impact of stress in the workplace: Learn about the effects stress has on the workplace economically, productively and creatively. What causes burnout and how can we avoid it?

Gender differences: Did you know that men and women experience different physiological reactions to stress?

• A stress test: 12 questions will help you to analyze your personal stress status. Discover the purpose of each question and how it impacts on your own stress-related situations.

• Lifestyle analysis: This is a general overview of the stressors experienced in your daily life and how they affect your professional and personal performance. What is “too much stress”, which will deplete your immune system, as opposed to “just enough stress”, which will raise your achievement abilities?

• Stress symptoms: We’ll discuss the behavioral and health changes that indicate that you are under too much stress. What are the danger signals?

• Causes of stress: Take this opportunity to list the factors in your work and home life that cause you to feel stressed. The group will share these concerns and look for common areas and issues.

• Stress outlets & strategies: You’ll take away numerous suggestions for alleviating the stress you are facing. The group will share ideas about how they cope already, and other possibilities are provided and explored in a practical manner.

– This course is mobile friendly for Android and iPhone by downloading the Canvas by Instructure app from your app store.
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