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October 11, 2015
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October 12, 2015
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Using Personality Typing in Communication Set


People aren’t like oil and water.  It’s both simpler and more complicated than that.

This 3-module elearning set teaches you the various positive and negative aspects of the 4 main personality groups, how to be more effective when dealing with them, and how the combination creates an effective team.

You will be able to communicate more effectively once you understand “who” you are speaking with…which means that you can “style flex” your approach to suit the particular personality with whom you are having an exchange.  The result will be more win/win outcomes and greater productivity as higher performance can be reached by everyone.  This is a great benefit when working toward achieving common goals.

You will learn how to: determine the personality type of a person, appreciate their various traits, positive contributions, employ techniques to overcome negative issues, and how to “style flex” to effectively communicate with different members of your team.  You’ll also learn to understand the “success formula” and its benefits for a team with a deeper appreciation of the dynamics of teamwork.

– This course is mobile friendly for Android and iPhone by downloading the Canvas by Instructure app from your app store.
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