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True Customer Service Set…The Growth Driver
October 12, 2015
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November 4, 2015
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Personal Effectiveness Package

Personal Effectiveness Collection


Master your personal effectiveness and create more opportunities for success by solving problems for your customers and yourself.

Learn to manage your time, your customers, and your challenges and difficulties. This broad reaching 15 module e-Learning collection includes: the Time Management Set…Getting Organized & Goal Setting, the True Customer Service Set…The Growth Driver, and the Problem Solving Strategies Set.

The Time Management Set – This program provides you with a variety of tools to better manage yourself so that you can become more productive and efficient. When you talk about better organizing your time by using it more effectively, it’s important to realize that you cannot really manage time, but only yourself!

You’ll gain a solid road map for organizing yourself and your time more effectively, a structure for setting goals, as well as, practical strategies for improved self-management.

Some or the tactics and techniques you’ll learn include: how to prioritize your lists, confronting time management myths, a simple format for a personal development plan and GROWTH, questions to ask yourself when setting goals, the 3 V’s, composing a personal mission statement with vision, strategies, and values, and much more.

The True Customer Service Set – offers a wide range of critical elements necessary to develop a consistent and excellent customer service program for any organization. You will gain great insight into how to develop, maintain, and manage a consistent program of excellent customer service through effective communication, teamwork, and commitment. This process will help to ensure longevity, success and growth for your company and your career!

We are going to develop your understanding of:  the Team Concept, the Top 7 Skills of Good Teamwork and what are Team ESI, emotional intelligence and the Happiness Factor.  You will discover how your customer orientation to challenges can be enhanced by 6 crucial behaviors to achieve customer loyalty.  What are the 10 Commandments of Service? How does memory affect customer service consistency? How do you have better customer conversations? And, much more.

The Problem Solving Strategies Set – lays a cornerstone for you to master facilitating and structuring problem solving exercises.  You will learn the 3 W’s of problem solving and how to apply this strategy to the resolution of issues faced in the workplace.

Other important elements you will learn include: framing the question, how it is now, brainstorming solutions, grouping ideas, formulating an action plan, follow-up strategies, interfering behaviors, and problem solving tips. 

Unlike complicated theories, you will come away with a simple and practical approach to problem resolution that you can easily apply to any issue you want to dissect and resolve.

– This collection is sold as a package per user and can not be broken up into individual courses.

– This course is mobile friendly for Android and iPhone by downloading the Canvas by Instructure app from your app store.
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