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January 27, 2016
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February 10, 2016
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Keys to Effective Team Management

team management

As you have probably noticed, all my blogs so far have been about different aspects of communication.  In this one, we are going to look at how being effective as a manager is also dependent upon having excellent communication skills.  Here is why…

A good manager gets to know the team members, their needs, concerns, skills, and motivating factors because if he/she is to help the team reach their goals and their personal potential.  You first need to listen actively so that you can determine more about your team.  Knowing what works for everyone gives you the opportunity to leverage their gifts and talents so that not only do they achieve well, but the whole team will benefit because TEAM means: Together Everyone Achieves More.  In other words, teamwork is the cumulative result of individual efforts to fulfill the desired and collaboratively chosen goals.

When team members understand just how they fit into the big picture of an organization, exactly what their roles and responsibilities are, as well as the other opportunities available to them through cooperation, training options, and new challenges in which they are empowered to demonstrate their abilities; you will have engaged, happy, creative and efficient people on  your team who will be motivated to be engaged, productive, high achievers.

Good managers listen well, give clear directions, are accountable for their actions, decisive, and encouraging.  They are good mentors, supportive in any way necessary, and great problem solvers.  They empower their team to enjoy autonomy in their work, offer opportunities to improve current skills as well as gain new ones, and employ open, honest, clear communication in all situations.

Successful, high powered teams are led by people with effective communication skills who truly listen to their team members, encourage active participation in team decisions and projects as well as new ideas and approaches for how they carry out their responsibilities.

Happy, innovative, productive teams share open, honest lines of communication, trust, respect and rapport because they enjoy effective leadership.  Effective leadership not only talks the talk but also walks the walk as they lead by example.

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