April 8, 2014
April 9, 2014
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It is obvious that we have a choice in how we live.  We can choose a path which sets us up for long term personal success or not.  Most of the time people say, “Well, I’m successful” in a defensive manner, not a confident one.  They also point to what they’ve accomplished for their employer, not recognizing that they are completely replaceable that afternoon.

I recently read an article that discussed how the American Dream of Middle Class prosperity had been gutted and the author proceeded to make many points as to why.  My biggest take away from the article is something I have spoken to many clients about.  The road to breaking free is a choice.  In choosing Liberty we must break free of the illusion of stability (in a government or corporate job) and to engage in the exercise of growth and development that takes one to Liberty.

Let me be clear.  I’m advocating you choosing what your career path is as you can’t rely on one that an employer states is available for you.  Frequently, that path’s locked down by the people that are already at the top and are themselves hanging on for as long as possible.  I was speaking with a man I know that lost his job and knows someone that is looking for a VP to solve their company’s problems.  The challenge this man faces is that the VP position will pay $200,000 less than he’s expecting and will probably be filled by someone who is too desperate to focus on the success that is needed.  Then the company president will replace them just like everyone else coming through their revolving door.

I’m also advocating that you take control of your creative/entrepreneurial life and innovate personally.  That innovation can take the form of wise focused education or certification in an area of interest, starting a company, pursuing new roles in the greater community as a whole, or wherever your desires lay.  Look for advice and use wisdom to minimize risk to succeed when you take this step.

I’m advocating being proactive and beginning the process today. If you don’t, you’ll be shunted through the meat grinder as soon as someone decides you’re too expensive or too easily replaced.

There is a process to follow that leads to Liberty.  Fortunately, you don’t need to have the strength right now to walk, you can crawl or take baby steps.  But, if you don’t start today, some time very close to now you’ll probably be wishing you had.

~ Phil Lower, Business Coach / Founder, Paladin Business Coaching

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