April 11, 2014
April 15, 2014
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Could. Should. Will. Until.

~ Jim Rohn



Could – used to express possibility (conditional or not); ask permission; polite requests, and make or ask for suggestions and advice.  Can also express anxiety, doubt, worry, and fear.

Should – used to express condition, duty, passive aggressive statements, and conveys guilt or anxiety upon others or yourself when you’re listening to self-talk.

Will – about or going to; disposed or willing to; expected or required to; and determined or sure to.  As in, you WILL get a handle on your life and you WILL absolutely ROCK your future and no matter what you confront you WILL get it done!!!

Until – up to the time that or when; onward to or till.  As in, I will not quite on myself nor my Dreams UNTIL they are accomplished or I am in the grave trying.

~ Phil Lower, Business Coach / Founder, Paladin Business Coaching

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