June 13, 2014
June 16, 2014
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A Father’s Stewardship

I’m grateful to the many men that have helped “father’” me over my life. In one way or another, they served as mentors, disciplinarians, and culinary chefs adding little ingredients to me here and there to make me better.

One of life’s truths is that when the student is ready the master will appear. I’ve come to believe that the master is always present, it’s the students’ eyes that are dull in sight (insight).

So, thus to the “Sons and Daughters” in all of us, open yourselves up to deeper dreams, goals, and aspirations. Pursue, not just heady things which lead to a short-term fix or gratification, but also strive to enlarge and engage yourself in pursuits which are greater than your wildest imagination.

Ask yourselves: How can you grow if you don’t know where you want to go? How can you open your eyes to see the “Fathers” that are all around you, waiting for you to reach your hand up, so that they can feel the reward of helping lift you up? The answer to both is to dream and to plan things beyond where you are now.

Therefore, to the “Fathers” in all of us, note that there is a positive strength that comes from each of us after we have learned to gather courage in the face of “death, hell, and destruction” that we must pass on to the next generation. We are stewards of ourselves to the degree we have learned. We are also stewards of our inheritance. I’m not referring to age as generational, but rather as anyone that comes after us to fill the role we have now.

I would honor each and every one that has sown into my life here, right now. However, I am blessed to be unable to do so.

Please accept my sincerest thanks, and a most heartfelt, Happy Father’s Day.

To your success,

~ Phil Lower, Business Coach / Founder, Paladin Business Coaching


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